Friday, 28 November 2008

"Isn't this thing beautiful?!"

'Lokhu Kuhle'.... means just that... 'Lokhu' (pronounced 'lawkoo') is Zulu for 'this thing' and 'Kuhle'... (roughly pronounced as 'Gooshleh') means beautiful/good/well and all things great..

These are from the newest range of numberplate bangles produced by Sithokoze and myself, and can be 'acquired' from my Etsy shop , or, if you live in South Africa, contact me on my e-mail address, which is chrisdb{at}dutDOTacDOTza

Wednesday, 05 November 2008

Numberplate bangles

These are bangles type cuffs that are made from recycled numberplates. They have sayings stamped onto them and these sayings change from time to time. The current ones say 'Black and White' which has a lot of connotations here in KwaZulu Natal, where I live. Our local rugby team, the Sharks, wear black and white, the people here are black and white, and I think, we all wish things were a bit more 'black and white'....

Dominic (my assistant) translates the sayings into Zulu. So there are an equal amount of bangles with the Zulu equivalent, being ' Omnyama nomhlope' stamped onto them. These bangles are avilable in my etsy shop and can be customised, i.e. different words can be put on.